Often at camps we will have a professional photographer present to document the event in a non-distracting or disruptive way. When you booked your child's camp, you will have been asked whether you consent to your child being photographed. If you selected yes, you agree that their images can be used in:

  • blue{shift} newsletters and round-ups of the camp
  • blue{shift} social media channels
  • On the blue{shift} website and any future iterations thereof
  • In blue{shift} marketing materials and prospectuses

If you selected no when answering the photo consent question, your child's image may be unintentionally captured but will never be used publicly - we ascertain consent very carefully with our photographers. However some images will be shared via ClassDojo (see the Staying in Touch page for more information about how ClassDojo works) but these are strictly limited to parents of children attending camps and staff of blue{shift}.

If you have any questions or concerns about photography consent, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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