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Data Duck has bought a new fridge. It is a smart fridge! This means that it doesn’t just keep food and drinks chilled, it can also send messages to other devices, such as smart phones. It does this with the help of its computer.

Data Duck’s fridge computer still needs to be programmed. He would like it to have these functions:

• When a full bottle of milk is in the fridge: nothing.
• When the milk bottle in the fridge is nearly empty: add milk to the shopping list and send the list to Data Duck’s smartphone.
• When the milk bottle is full, but the milk isn’t in the fridge: alert Data Duck that he needs to return the milk to the fridge.

Can you help Data Duck program his fridge by choosing the right coding block for each function?

Which coding block is missing?

Which coding block is missing?

Which two coding blocks are missing? Can you place them in the right order, too?

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