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Many games (even board games and card games) have a scoring system. This means that is it is possible to collect points (and lose them!), and there are rules about how many points are awarded when.

The aim of our maze game is to get to the giant pile of treats in the centre! Along the way, you can collect more treats, but you need to be careful – there are villains lurking, too!

Before you start playing, set the rules for your game:

  • How many points do players get when they collect a treat?

  • How many points do they lose when they bump into a villain?

In computer games, players often have lives – they start with three, for example, and lose one each time they get something wrong. You could add lives to your scoring system, too. Maybe a player loses a life (rather than points) each time they bump into a villain? What happens when a player loses all their lives?
Once you have worked out your scoring system, play your game with a friend. you can keep your scores below!

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