If you would like to cancel your camp booking, please formally request cancellation via email to hello@blueshiftcoding.com.

If you require a refund up to 30 days before the start of camp, we will provide a cash refund and a £50 administration fee for each child will be deducted.

If you require a refund below these 30 days we will offer you credit to be used at another camp, therefore if you booked a 5 day camp you will have 5 days worth of credit to use at your next convenience.

Our Minis course is an exception, in which we offer parents of first-time coders a full refund for the remaining days if their child does not enjoy the course after the first day. We do this because we know that coming to camp as a first-time coder can be a bit daunting, and some children aren't sure if it's what they want to do with their school break!

We understand that customers not in the UK might not be able to use credit at a later date, therefore we offer overseas customers a cash refund up to 14 days before camp begins.

If for whatever reason, BlueShift cancels a camp, all customers will be fully refunded

Fees are non-returnable for students arriving late, leaving early, or missing a day of camp for any reason.

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