There are two ways to book a trial lesson:

  • Booking directly on our website. This is best for if you don't have a particular teacher in mind and you'd like for us to take care of that part for you. You can do that here: We will ask you some questions about your child and what you're hoping to achieve through your tuition so we can find an appropriate teacher that is available for a time that suits you.
  • Booking directly with a teacher. Use this option if you know which teacher you would like to book with (perhaps they taught your child at camp, at their school or for an online class and they really hit it off). You can view all of our teachers' availability by going to their profile (you can find them here , and clicking 'book a trial session'.

Booking directly with a teacher

When you select 'book a trial session' on a teacher's profile, you'll be lead to a page that looks like this:

If you have a discount code that is applicable for trial lessons, you can enter it here by clicking the purple button.

If not, please then select whether you'd like a normal Online Trial Lesson (core curriculum) or a Specialist Topic Online Trial Lesson. To see which languages are included in each, you can read this article. If choosing specialist tuition, please ensure your teacher provides tuition in the topic you'd like your child to learn.

Once you have selected, you'll then see which level your selected teacher is, and how much a trial lesson with them will cost per hour. Confirm the lesson type by clicking on it:

Once you have clicked this option, you'll be asked to confirm which time zone you are in. This is so you can see when the teacher you are choosing is available for you. Once you have selected the correct time zone, click 'View Calendar and Book Lesson' to be shown their availability:

You'll then be able to see which days and times your teacher is available for. Click the day you'd like your trial lesson on, and you will be shown the available times. Choose a time that works for you, then select 'Choose This Time', as shown here:

You'll then be taken to a booking page where we will ask you to fill in your contact details, some information about your child and agree to our terms and conditions. If you have a specific coding language you'd like to start your child on, please state it on this page.

You'll then be taken to a payment page.

After booking, you can create an account on Acuity (the software this functionality is hosted on) Which will allow you to view any upcoming appointments you may have.

What happens once I have booked?

Once you have booked, you'll be sent the details of your trial lesson and how to prepare. Then all that's left to do is log in at the right time on Zoom and fire up the synapses ready to learn!

At the end of your trial lesson, your child’s teacher will have a chat with you about when you would like your online sessions to take place once you have booked a package.

After your trial lesson, you will receive an email inviting you to book a package with your teacher. If you are not happy with your teacher, please get in touch with us and we can help you find a replacement.

To find out more about booking a package and scheduling your package lessons here.

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