We know that for 5-6 year old novice coders, becoming introduced to the world of coding may both exciting and challenging!

We'll be using both an iPad (or Android tablet) and a laptop for our Mini Coders lesson. Your child will use the iPad to complete the fun coding activities, while watching our teacher demonstrate the activities on our Zoom classroom software on your laptop!



Install the 'Scratch Jr' app on your tablet or iPad. You can find the app on the Apple or Android app store, or by clicking the links below!

Scratch Junior app (Apple): https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/scratchjr/id895485086

Scratch Junior app (Google Play/Android):  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.scratchjr.android&hl=en_GB

Kindly note: The Scratch Junior app is not currently supported on the most recent software update of Amazon Kindle devices.



Install the 'ZOOM' virtual chat classroom app on your laptop or desktop computer.
Click here to install Zoom and create an account:

Additional support guides:

How to install and set up your Zoom Virtual Classroom



Prepare your laptop and iPad for the lesson. Your child should be able to see the teacher's instructions over Zoom on the laptop, while they code along on their iPad!

You can see a photo of how this might look like below:

Notes about supervising your child:

We ask parents to introduce their child to the class in the first lesson, but children may feel confident enough to work through activities by themselves after the second. If this is the case, we ask parents to work nearby, in case your child still requires your help!

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