We've listened to our community of parents and heard that students joining late can be majorly disruptive to our classes. That's why we've taken the following steps to improve the experience of all BlueShift students:

  • We've made all of our lessons 15 minutes longer, on each side of the coding portion of a lesson, there is 15 minutes for set-up, recapping, sharing work and challenges

  • We have imposed a cut-off for joining lessons. If you are upwards of 15 minutes late to lessons, you will not be admitted into the class.

  • We don't want students who are late to be behind on their course, therefore all lessons will be recorded and uploaded onto the class padlet for any late students, or students who have missed a lesson for any reason. We hope students will find recordings useful for catching up, or even going back and refreshing their memory before the next lesson!

  • If you joined the class on time, but had any kind of technical difficulties or issues that cause you to momentarily lose connection from the Zoom call, you will be admitted back into the class.

All recordings of classes will be available only to the students within the class, the class teacher and the BlueShift team. Recordings will be deleted from the padlet the following Friday after a course ends for privacy reasons.

Please note that we do not record trial lessons but the lateness policy still applies.

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