In this lesson we are going to make two sprites have a conversation. We will be using the say _ for _ secs block to make the sprites speak. We will be using the wait _ secsblock to coordinate their conversation.

Step 1. Setting up our scene

To start, choose two sprites and one backdrop.


Hint: You will find the above blocks in Events, Control, and Looks!

Step 2. Make your sprite walk across the stage

Using the blocks below, make your sprites move from the sides of the stage to the centre before they begin to talk!

Hint: Look at the numbers in the x and y coordinates. Can you figure out which blocks
are for your sprite on the right, and which are for your sprite on the left?

Step 3. Coordinating your sprites moving onto the stage

Can you now  figure out how to make the sprites move onto the stage one at a time, before they start their conversation?

Hint: Pay attention to your timing in the wait  and glide blocks! You'll find these blocks in the Motion category. 

Step 4. Make your sprites dance when they have finished their conversation!

Rearrange the blocks below so that music begins to play and your sprites both start dancing when their conversation is over.

Hint: You will need to add this script in the correct place to both of your sprites.

Step 3. Challenges!

See what other things you can get your sprites to do! Here are some ideas if you get stuck:

  • Have your sprites exit the stage one at a time after they have finished their conversation

  • Broadcast a message which tells your backdrop to change when the sprites finish dancing

  • Instead of using the say  block to make your sprites speak, record your own voice and play it back with the play sound  block!

  • Make your characters spin or do an interesting action.

Hint : You will find the blocks you need in Sound, Control, and Motion.

Sshh...Cheat sheet below!

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