The next ten lessons you will be learning some more advanced games in scratch than you might have done before. In this lesson we will recap some of the useful elements of scratch and get some time to show off your knowledge to create a cool dance party!

Step 1: Start a new project

Let’s get making our dance party!

Start a new project and Rename your file and ‘Save’ it to your computer or blue{shift} USB!

We are going to be using our own sprites, so delete the default Sprite1.
Hint: right click

Choose a project backdrop from the scratch library.

Now lets get our first dance partner for the project!

Find a character in scratch and place it on the stage.

If we click onto Costumes we will see that the character should have many different moves –this is the Sprite DANCING!!!
If you don’t see this, try another character!

Lets take a look at a few pieces of code and build up a simple script to control our dancer!
Go to looks and pull out Next Costume!

Lets add a start button to our project so when you press the Green Flag the code begins!

Click on the Green Flag a few times, you should see your dancing sprite change costumes from one to the next!

Lets add some automation to our project!
Add a forever block and wait block to your code!

Now you should be able to click on your Green Flag just once and your sprite will change costumes all by itself!

Step 2: Experimenting with your code blocks!

Now lets try a few things using different code blocks!
First lets try the code on the right, add in the extra code blocks on to your script!

This block picks a random number within a specific range, test out a di erent range to see what happens!

This will make sure our sprite stays upright, click on the down arrow to see the options, try out the different options!

This will make our sprite jump off the stage walls, and come back, test you code with and without this code block to see for yourself!

Add more sprites to your project and duplicate your code over on to them! Drag your code block on to your new sprites!

Don’t forget to use sprites with more than one costume! 


Step 3: Adding sound!

Now lets add some sounds to the project!

Add a second code block to one of your sprites.
This will tell you program to start playing the selected audio track when the space key on your computer keyboard is clicked!

You can now add more audio tracks to your project, you could program your project to play a different instrument whenever a different key is pressed!
Try adding these code blocks into your project!

You can also share your project on the
scratch site: 

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