Below is an example of how a typical day at a BlueShift coding camp will go. Schedules change according to the camp in question, of course, and detailed timetables will be available as handouts at the camp.

An example camp timetable for our Mini Coders course


9am: Early drop off begins.

9:45 – 10am: Welcome Campers! Sign in, wave your adults goodbye and buckle up for a day of fun.

10.00am: Kick off with ice-breaker games and get to know each other – we guarantee you’ll get to laugh at your teachers and their silly antics!

10:15am: Introduction to our activity for the day. Let’s get coding!

11:15am: Fruit snack and water.

11.30am: Back to coding, building, designing and creating.

12:00pm: Lunch box time – grab your packed lunch, fuel up and re-focus that brain of yours.

12:30pm: Outdoor games – let’s get physical (we may even re-enact some of the games we make on our laptops!) If the weather does not allow it, we will do some hands-on activities inside.


1:00pm: Back to class – let’s build robots!

2:15pm: Short break

2:30pm: Finish off building and engineering - it is time to program the robots!

3:30pm: Show and tell – you’ll get the chance to impress your friends with your fine handiwork, attention to detail and creativity.

4pm: Pack your bags, go home and chill out!

Please note that sometimes a teacher will change a schedule depending on students' ability and interests.

To read more about a typical day at a blue{shift} camp, take a look at our blog post "What Happens at a blue{shift} Coding Camp?"

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