Short Description:

This club teaches students about engineering and robotics concepts. Students learn how to build, program and troubleshoot LEGO Mindstorms robots, learn about sensors and functions, and improve their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills along the way.

Camp Curriculum:

This is an exciting course where children get to release their inner engineers and design awesome robots! The club teaches students all about different sensors, how to program and control robots using code, and gives students a chance to create their own designs. Students improve their coding and robotics skills as well as explore their creativity and participate in fun competitions.

During this club, students learn to design robots using Lego Mindstorms equipment and software. Students work in teams to build their very own robots and develop critical thinking, problem-solving and basic engineering skills by modifying and troubleshooting their creations. They integrate programming and sensor technology to make their robots move, react and solve challenges. LEGO Mindstorms helps build science, technology, and maths (STEM) knowledge while incorporating lessons in language arts and boosting your child’s creativity.

This is a highly creative hands-on course, so all the students are challenged while having an amazing engineering adventure. 

Learning Outcomes:

By attending this club, students develop a variety of skills. They get accustomed to more complex coding concepts, learn how to build and program robots, and gain valuable logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Students explore their creativity by designing robots, improve their mathematics and physics skills by learning about coordinates, functions and motors, and gain the valuable life skills of recognising problems and solving issues.

Students develop knowledge in the following topics:

  • Engineering concepts

  • Fundamentals of construction

  • Programming challenges

  • How do sensors work?

  • How does a robot solve problems?

  • Gears and motors

  • Creative problem-solving

Continue your child’s development:

As with learning any language, coding requires a lot of time and repetition. We always prepare new content and recommend joining the club next term.

You can also develop your child’s skills even further at one of our Python, JavaScript, Games, Apps, and Robotics, Minecraft Modding, or Robotics: LEGO Mindstorms and 3D Design holiday camps. New activities await all coders at our holiday camps!

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