At BlueShift we are lucky enough to have an amazing community of passionate coding teachers who can provide your child with both a core coding curriculum and speciality lessons.


BlueShift’s Creative Computing curriculum is tried and tested throughout all of our services. It is currently taught at the 50+ after-school clubs we run in top schools across London, our holiday camps and our face-to-face private tuition service. If you book a private tuition session and do not specify any kind of key interests or requirements, we will start your child on the coding language which we believe is best suited for their age range or ability and progress them through our curriculum.

Our core curriculum covers:

  • Scratch Jr.

  • Scratch

  • JavaScript (with Bitsbox)

  • JavaScript (with p5.js)

  • Python

  • Game design

  • Animation


Our specialist tuition covers a wide range of topics, varying from teacher to teacher. Including:

  • Minecraft

  • Roblox

  • Unity

  • Photoshop

  • Web development

  • Video production & editing

  • GCSE prep

If you are choosing a particular teacher for specialist tuition, please check their profile before booking to ensure they cover the topic you'd like to focus on. You should then choose 'specialist tuition' when booking.

Specialist tuition comes at an increased cost. This is purely to cover the extra time our teachers take to prepare lesson materials.

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